Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Been Too Long

A lot has happened since my last blog post.  Thankfully for my followers my cable is out.  Instead of spending my morning watching the Today show, I will spend it blogging about life events.  

First off, I officially got a job.  I am now the second assistant manager at Yankee Candle.  If you need any candle advice, just let me know.  I'm your girl.  I have been really fortunate to really enjoy working there.  It was exactly what I needed: a low-stress, part-time job.  The other girls that work there are a lot of fun to work with as well.  We just got a new store manager, so we will see how that all pans out.  Just as I had learned everything, now everything has changed just a little.  But it is still a lot of fun.  I really like working retail!

Unfortunately, Yoshi does not like that I have gone back to work.  He got a little stressed out and had some stomach problems.  Lee and I have had so much fun cleaning up poop.  There was poop on the dog, poop on the carpet, poop on the walls...yea.  Yoshi seems to be feeling better now.  We have been trying to go on a daily walk.  That seems to help.  I also leave the television on for him during the day.  Lee shaved Yoshi on Sunday.  So now Yoshi is ready for the warm weather.  He looks like an awkward calf.  Skinny body and big head.  But hopefully it will make for longer dog park visits in the future.

Next piece of info - I got into grad school.  I will start at University of Houston in the Fall.  Hopefully I will get some financial help from the school.  I am still keeping my fingers crossed for that.  I am so excited to get to study social work!!  I cannot wait.  I go to orientation in July.  I am so excited!!!!  

And...I got a new car.  (well...a new to me car)  The orange beetle came to the end of its days.  Due to my carport run-in, the beetle was going to cost about $2500 to fix...as a trade in, we got $2500 for it.  So, now i have a reliable Honda Fit that is made of metal, not fiberglass.  Any future carport run-ins (let's hope there are none) will not result in a huge amount of damage!  I love the way my new car drives!  It is also red.  Which is awesome.  It also gets great MPG.  

In the beginning of March, I got to go to Alabama to be in the wedding of a friend.  It was the first wedding that I had been to since getting married myself.  It was a little more emotional than I had expected.  I cried when I saw her coming down the aisle!  The wedding was beautiful.  My friend and her handsome groom were both so happy.  It was also so nice to meet her Alabama friends.  It was crazy how quickly the three from Texas and the three from Alabama bonded.  It was also great to see some other friends at the wedding as well.  I got to see my oldest friend.  That was awesome.  We really needed to catch up and we finally got the chance to do so.  I got to see my email buddy.  Yea!  I miss her so much now!!!  I also got to see the next bride-to-be.  I am definitely glad we will have a repeat of all of this love stuff in June.  I cannot wait.

March has been a great month for us.  We also got a visit from a friend from College Station.  He came and hung out with us.  I was really glad that he seemed really happy!  He even brought a girl to hang out with us.  That was nice.  :)  

My mother's birthday is tomorrow.  I am sad that I will not be there to witness the great event of her turning 50.  ( sorry for putting your age out there mom, but you should be proud!!)  She is coming to visit soon though!  Happy birthday mom!  I love you!

I am sure that I am leaving stuff out...I will probably remember tomorrow and have to post again, but that's how I roll.  Yes...I roll.